Two minutes to midnight

Two Minutes to MidnightTwo Minutes to Midnight

There is no doubt that current relations between East and West are the most strained they have been since the Cold War and this has been reflected by the Doomsday clock which has now been set at two minutes to midnight, the closest it has ever been to zero-hour.

The symbolic clock, which is managed by the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, was wound forward due to several factors including the threat of Nuclear war and ineffective response to climate change.

Speaking about the Nuclear Weapons Threat The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists said “The risk that nuclear weapons may be used—intentionally or because of miscalculation—grew last year around
the globe.”

North Korea has continued testing Nuclear Weapons and Ballistic Missiles whilst Russia has continued to freeze relations with its irresponsible use of nerve agents in the UK, in an attempted assassination of the former spy, Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia.

Regarding Climate Change the Bulletin placed the blame at the door of the White House saying “Last year, the US government pursued unwise and ineffectual policies on climate change, following through on a promise to derail past US climate policies. The Trump administration, which includes avowed climate denialists in top positions at the Environmental Protection Agency, the Interior Department, and other key agencies, has announced its plan to withdraw from the Paris Agreement. In its rush to dismantle rational climate and energy policy, the administration has ignored scientific fact and well-founded economic analyses.”

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