Sanctions & Syria fuel Cold War 2.0

Putin meets Assad

US Sanctions against Russia are fuelling a Cold War 2.0 and causing Vladimir Putin to say that retaliation would have to come “at some point”.

Speaking in Finland, The Russian President said that the sanctions were “absolutely illegal from the point of view of international law”.

The new sanctions are on a bill currently being looked at by US Lawmakers and if passed, it would allow the US to sanction any company involved in Russia’s energy export pipelines. This is seen as a threat to the constructions of a natural gas pipeline between Russia and Germany prompting European Union chief executive Jean-Claude Juncker to warn against passing the bill. on Wednesday, saying: “‘America First’ cannot mean that Europe’s interests come last.”

Appearing to support Russia he said: “‘America First’ cannot mean that Europe’s interests come last.”

In another move likely to increase tensions further, Russia signed a deal with Syria meaning that the Russian forces will operate from the Khmeimim Air Base for 49 years. Beyond that, it has the option of extending that arrangement for 25-years at a time.

The Khmeimim base has been at the heart of Moscow’s military operation in Syria ever since it intervened in the conflict in 2015. It helping turn the tide in favour of Assad.

Russia currently operates SU-35 Fighter/Bombers from the base and at least one Tupolev TU-214R spy plane.

Tuypolove TU-214R (Image: Rimma Sadykova)

Tuypolove TU-214R (Image: Rimma Sadykova)

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