Russian State Media posts bizarre MH17 fake image

Fake MH17 Satelite image posted by Channel One TV

Fake MH17 Satelite image posted by Channel One TV

In a bizarre twist in the story of the downing of Malaysian Flight 17 over Ukraine earlier this year Russian State-Controlled media channel Channel One TV posted an image that it claimed proved that a Ukrainian fighter had shot down the Boeing 777 over rebel controlled territory.

The image which Channel One claims must have “come from an American or British spy satellite” appears to support the Kremlins preferred theory that MH17 was shot down by Ukrainians, to avoid the unfortunate truth that it was in all probability shot down by poorly trained rebels using Russian supplied equipment.

There some problems with Channel One’s claims however. The image is a fake. There are many problems with the image from the Malaysian Logo’s being in the wrong place to the fact the airliner in the image is in fact a Boeing 767, not a 777. To put it simply, the entire image is a mock up made to support the Kremlin’s theory.

The timing is certainly not accidental with Putin facing a hard time over the crisis in the Ukraine and emergence of proof this week that Russian troops are operating in the Ukraine on behalf of the Rebels at the current G20 summit in Australia with Australian PM Abbott suggesting he would be asking Putin some very tough questions on the MH17 incident.

This image clearly shows that the image was created using a 767 not a 777 (posted on twitter by @mad_katz)

This image clearly shows that the image was created using a 767 not a 777 (posted on twitter by @mad_katz)

The image has drawn ridicule from all sides with it being described as a “crudely photo-shopped fake” and reverse image searches on Google have shown this image first appeared on October, hardly new and exclusive as Channel One have claimed. Channel One however claimed it was sent to them by George Blit, an MIT Graduate and it appears no-one at Channel One bothered to check its validity leaving them with rather sour Borscht on their faces!


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