Russian Ships in English Channel to Conduct Exercises

HMS ArgyllHMS Argyll (Credit - Defence Imagery)

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) has confirmed that a Udaloy class Russian Destroyer, The Severomorsk, is currently in the English channel with two support ships and is being escorted by HMS Argyll, a Type 23 Frigate of the Royal Navy (RN).

Whilst the Severomorsk is officially on its way to exercises in the North Atlantic, its passing through the channel at this time is likely to be no coincidence given that the NATO’s Joint Warrior Exercise is under way.

Russia have claimed that the Severomorsk will undertake Anti-Aircraft and Anti-Submarine drills whilst in the channel in a desperate attempt to show Russia is not a fading power.

Severomosk has just returned from exercises in the Bay of Biscay and as such the “detour” into the English Channel before a North Atlantic exercise can hardly be seen as accidental with Joint Warrior going on.

Kamov KA-27 (Defense Imagery)

Kamov KA-27 (Defense Imagery)

Russian Naval Ship Severomorsk is a 28yr Old Udaloy Class Destroyer and is named after a Town in the Olbast region of North West Russia. It is armed with 8 Anti-Submarine/Ship Silex Missiles, 64 Gauntlet Surface to Air Missiles along with torpedos and rocket launchers. It can also carry 2 Helix series Helicopters such as the Kamov KA-27.

It belongs to the Russian Northern Fleet. It’s main role is anti-aircraft and anti-submarine warfare.

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