Russian Chief of Staff Issues Stark Warning to NATO

The Kremlin, MoscowThe Kremlin, Moscow (Credit Pavel Kazachkov)

Valery Gerasimov

Valery Gersimov (Credit Secretlondon)

The Kremlins Chief of Staff, General Valery Gerasimov, has issued a warning that “Moscow will defend itself in the face of NATO aggression” claiming that the NATO Excercise Joint Warrior is clearly aimed as a threat to Russia.

Gerasimov claims that there has been a serious increase in NATO activity along Russia’s borders, which is of course true but in response to Russian aggression in the Ukraine and Russia’s increase in long range bomber flights across NATO countries.

In further evidence that a new cold war is underway Gerasimov claims that Russia has found US spy satellites “masquerading as space junk” and that the US is developing high accuracy long range non-nuclear weapons.

“difficult to foresee how this will all end”

“Since the start of 2014, the number of NATO operations has drastically increased” says Gerasimov, the start of 2014 of course coincides with the escalation of Russia’s involvement in the Ukraine and their support of the rebels. He went on to laim that the US was engaged in the “implementation of the prompt global strike concept”

He claimed that it was “difficult to foresee how this will all end”

Gerasimov also stated that modern nuclear missile systems would soon be in service in Russia along with a modernisation of Russian long range bombers and submarine fleets including the Missile Train System which was retired in the 1980’s.


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