Russia Tries to Spy on NATO Excersises in UK

Vangauard Class Submarine at Faslane (Credit - Defence Imagery)

The Royal Air Force (RAF) has been scrambled to intercept 2 Russian Air Force aircraft close to UK airspace.

The aircraft, believed to be TU95 “Bear” types were intercepted by Eurofighter Typhoon Interceptors from RAF Lossiemouth. They later turned back and headed back up the norweigan coast towards Russia.

It is no suprise that multiple aircraft have been seen in the area given that NATO Excercise Joint Warrior is under way across the UK which many naval aspects taking place off the coast of Scotland.

In addition to the overhead monitoring, NATO has been forced to allow Russian military experts to attend Joint Warrior under a european arms treaty.

“A clear message to those who threaten us”

RAF Typhoon

RAF Typhoon (Credit – Arpingstone)

Joint Warrior takes place every 6 months and the current event will involve 55 Warships, over 70 aircraft and approximately 13,000 personnel from across 14 NATO countries.

Primeminister David Cameron said the excersise would “send a clear message to those who threaten us“.

NATO has recently withdrawn co-operation with the Russians following their occupation of Crimea and assistance to the rebels fighting in the Ukraine conflict however the UK and NATO and still bound by European Arms Treaties which allow the Russians access. The Russian “Experts” will be escorted at all times and will only have access to unclassified information.

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