Russia return to cold war tactics as they enter Ukraine

Vladimir Putin (Credit. Telegraph)

Russia have today announced a return to long range military flying patrols from the Arctic Ocean to the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico in response to rising world tensions over Ukraine and the Middle East.

Russia stopped long range bomber patrols following the end of the cold war during which they used them to regularly test NATO defences and readiness, something it appears they are keen to do once again.

Russian Tanks in Ukraine [CNN]The decision was announced almost simultaneously  with NATO announcing there was clear evidence that Russian troops had entered Ukrainian territory in a move that is a very real threat to stabilisation in the region and a clear signal of Vladimir Putin’s desire to return to the soviet empire days of controlling the eastern block countries.

Tensions have been heightened as there has been a marked increase in long range flights by nuclear capable Russia

n bombers such as the TU-95 “Bear” and TU-160M “Blackjack” around NATO borders in recent months prompting NATO led intercepts by US, Canadian, British and Portuguese interceptors prompting fears of a return to the East v West cold war scenarios. This recent move by Russia can only be seen as further attempts to “flex Russia’s military might”.

With recent events in Ukraine such as the shooting down of MH17, which looking increasingly likely to be confirmed as being shot down by Russian backed forces, and Russian troops entering Ukraine the worlds eyes are firmly fixed on what Moscow and what Putin will do next in what can only be described as Russia’s desire to return to the Soviet Cold War era.

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