Russia claims it’s built shelters for 12m people!

The Kremlin in Russia (Credit: Dion Hinchcliffe/Wikipedia CC)The Kremlin in Russia (Credit: Dion Hinchcliffe/Wikipedia CC)

With East-West relations at an all time low  Russia’s Defense Ministry TV channel Zvezda has claimed that the Russian Government has built shelters capable of helping 12m Muscovites survive the imminent Nuclear attack from the USA.

Officials on the channel claimed on Friday that the shelters had been built and are ready to be used. The news comes as America withdraws from talks with Russia as Russian warplanes continue their bombardment of Aleppo in Syria despite the UN is trying to broker a ceasefire.

The TV Channel claims that “schizophrenics from America are sharpening nuclear weapons for Moscow.” evidenced, they say, by the fact that America is modernizing is strategic nuclear arsenal.

Russia however has been aggressively trying to tip the Nuclear balance in their favour with a series of measures including the restarting production of the supersonic Blackjack nuclear bomber and and a leaked Nuclear Torpedo, rumored to be a Cobalt device.

In reality it is very unlikely that these shelters exists but it does have echoes of the dark days of the Cold War and the Soviet propaganda machine to keep the people in check by presenting the west as an aggressor. A move that is likely to further freeze tensions of Cold War II.



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