Putin ramps up NATO defences testing

Typhoon escorts TU-95 Bear

Finnish air defences have reported “unusually intense” air activity by Russian Bombers and Fighters in the past few weeks as Russia continues to test NATO air defences.

NATO believes that Russia is reacting to several Baltic states recently joining NATO and the crisis in the Ukraine which has pitched East versus West once again following Russia’s annexation of the Crimea, which is part of Ukraine.

Tupolev-Tu-95 Bear

Tupolev-Tu-95 Bear

Finland has reported that the air activity intensified on December 6th and has continued -“Most Russian packages have departed from bases within Russia’s mainland and headed towards the Russian exclave [sic] of Kaliningrad, to return via the same general routing. The packages have contained fighters, bombers, and transport aircraft. Aircraft types identified include the Tu-95, Tu-22M, Su-34, Su-27, Su-24, and MiG-31 along with a range of transports.”

Whilst no-one currently thinks Russia is preparing for war, or an invasion, it is clear that cold war style paranoia has once again returned to Putin’s Kremlin and it is becoming increasingly difficult to predict just what the soviet premier will do under intense western sanctions and with Russian finances in ruins from his leadership.Watch Justice League vs. Teen Titans (2016) Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

With evidence also mounting of Russian ground troops in Ukraine and also that Russia supplied the equipment (if not the personnel) that shot down Flight MH17 it is clear that Putin is being put on the ropes by the west, if not by his own people too and that perhaps, is when Russia is at its most dangerous.

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