Pre-emptive nuclear strikes on the USA by North Korea

North Korean Red Dawn Still (Credit: Contrafilm/MGM)North Korean Red Dawn Still (Credit: Contrafilm/MGM)

Have you finished laughing yet? This actually is the latest rhetoric from dictator Kim Jong-Un. North Korea announced it would carry out pre-emptive  nuclear strikes on the US and South Korea if it goes ahead with the annual War Games.

Presumably they are going to borrow some nuclear missiles from somewhere in order to do this as North Korea has been unable to make a nuclear warhead small enough to fit on a missile yet.

This kind of sabre rattling from Pyongyang happens every year at about this time and often include claims of nuclear strikes or invasions but it seems the US is safe for as long as Chris Hemsworth is alive. We’ve seen Red Dawn too Kim!

The US and South Korea are taking part in excercise Key Resolve and Foal Eagle and these largely act as a show of American support for South Korea. Pyongyang however claims these are actually a rehearsal for an invasion of North Korea and has called for a “pre-emptive nuclear strike of justice”.

A newsreader on the state-run TV channel said “We will launch an all-out offensive to decisively counter the US and its followers’ hysteric[al] nuclear war moves”.

South Korea’s defence ministry said “If North Korea ignores our warning and makes provocations, our military will firmly and mercilessly respond to it”.

The two halves of the Korean Peninsula are still in a defacto start of war. Despite an armistice being signed between the Free South Korea and the Communist North in 1953, no truce has ever been signed.

The exchange of fire including artillery shells often occurs along the demilitarised zone (DMZ) that divides the two countries.


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