North Korea Claims its Under Seige

North Korean Red Dawn Still (Credit: Contrafilm/MGM)North Korean Red Dawn Still (Credit: Contrafilm/MGM)

In the latest rhetoric from Puppet Dictator Kim Jong Un, North Korea claims its under siege by US led hostile forces.

According to the North Korean KCNA News Agency a spokesman for the National Defence Commission (NDC) said that the latest sanctions imposed over its rogue nuclear program were “anachronistic and suicidal”

He went on to say the sanctions were the work of “the US and other hostile forces” who were intent on attacking North Korea “in a flock to swallow it up.”

“The Leningrad blockade which struck terror into the hearts of people … and the Caribbean crisis in the Cold War era can hardly stand comparison with the situation,”

North Korea has been on a course of making Nuclear threats towards the US and its allies for some time and traditionally the tirade of verbal threats rises during joint South Korean and US exercises.

North Korea has recently claimed major breakthroughs in its nuclear programme including making a device small enough to go onto a missile and of course their recent detonation of a “thermonuclear” device. The latter proven to be false and the former thought highly unlikely.

The statement from the NDC went on to say that Washington was engineering a crisis that could see the North “make a retaliatory nuclear strike at the US mainland any moment”.

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