North Korea claims Hydrogen Bomb test

A missile is carried by a military vehicle during a parade in Pyongyang

North Korea has today claimed the first successful test of a thermonuclear device. The announcement was made on State TV this morning.

The news came after the US Geological Survey raised suspicions by detecting a magnitude 5.1 earthquake with an epicentre near Punggye-Ri, The site of North Korea’s previous nuclear weapons test. It will be some time however before it can be confirmed as to whether it was a Hydrogen bomb or another Fission device as previously tested by North Korea.

We reported recently that North Korea had claimed it had developed a thermonuclear device which was met with scepticism around the world given the quantum leap in technology they would need from their current technology and it would not be out of character for Pyongyang to attempt to back that claim up with a large fission bomb claimed as a hydrogen weapon however should it prove to be an actual hydrogen weapon then it changes the landscape dramatically.

Unlike fission bombs, thermonuclear devices can be made much smaller and easily fitted onto ballistic missiles, something North Korea has also been testing raising concerns it may use them to attack South Korea or even its more prized target, the USA.

After the last North Korean nuclear test in 2013 there was widespread condemnation from around the world including North Korea’s closest ally, China. Prime Minister Abe of Japan has already declared this test as a “Serious threat to our nation”.

Experts widely believe that Pyongyang and its comical leader Kim Jong Un are still many years away from being able to actually hit a target with a nuclear weapon however, the same was recently said about its ability to build a thermonuclear device.

The US has called on Pyongyang to “abide by its international commitments and obligations” saying it would respond to provocations.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)


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