Is Russia Overstretching its Ageing Air Force?

Typhoon escorts TU-95 Bear

With news today of yet another Russian Air Force accident questions are starting to be asked about whether Russia’s recent escalation of flights and attempts at showing force against the west is putting to much of a strain on an air force that contains largely outdated and ill-maintained equipment.

It emerged today that a Tupolev TU-95 “Bear” aircraft had crashed near Khabarovsk and the news brought the tally of air force accidents since the beginning of June to 6! Other aircraft that have crashed are another Tu95, 2 Mig 29’s, 2 Su24’s and  Su34. All have crashed on training flights.

All 7 crew members of today’s accident are believed to have escaped from the aircraft by parachute and a search is under way for them. The accident happened around 16:50 local time. Early reports have indicated engine failure as being the cause.

Since the end of the cold war Russia has seen an extended period of economic problems combined with Sanctions as a result of the Ukraine crisis kicking in this year. As a result there has been limited investment in Russia’s Air Force leaving much of the equipment ageing and under maintained. Combined with Putin’s recent desire to flex Russia’s muscles it appears that the air force is struggling to cope with this and as a result their aircraft appear to literally be dropping out of the sky.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Russia recently announced that it was to put the Tu-160 Blackjack back into production however there are doubts as to whether this is economically via given Russia’s current situation.

Sources have reported that all remaining Tu-95 aircraft have been grounded pending an investigation into the accident. At least that should give NATO countries a break from Putin’s long range border probing for a while.

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