Hope Cove RGHQ 7.2 Gets Emergency Listing Protection to Stop Destruction

Hope Cover R6 Rotor StationHope Cover R6 Rotor Station

Historic England granted an emergency Grade II listing to the former R6 ROTOR Station and Regional Seat of Government (RSG) at Hope Cove in Devon.

The complex had recently been purchased by a private buyer to be used for “Wine Storage” however significant destruction to the exterior walls had begun including plans to add an external door to the lower bunker area.

Hope cove was created as an R6 ROTOR Station in the early 1950’s and converted during the cold war was converted to be a Regional Seat of Government RSG (later Regional Government Headquarters RGHQ 7.2). It consists of a semi-sunken bunker with one ground level floor and 1 below ground floor. Its significance being that it is one of the few surviving sites of its kind in the UK (many RSG/RGHQ’s were converted from older underground workings such as Drakelow) meaning it is a unique site in British Cold War History.

Hope Cove was built to the same design as Hack Green, Cheshire and roughly followed the same life cycle. Hack Green is open to the public as a museum and is well worth a visit for anyone looking to get a feel for what Hope Cove would have been like in operation.

Many bunkers and sites in the UK were sold during the “Bunker Boom” in the early 21St century however most have lain dormant due to planning issues. Greenham Common’s GAMA being a prime example with the owners, Flying A Services Ltd, achieving nothing more than permission to park cars on the site and failing to sell the asset.

Luckily the current trend is to realise how important the post war & cold war periods are to British history and more and more sites are being saved and where possible opened to the public. An Historic England Grade II listing for Hope Cove helps to ensure Hope Cove is preserved for generations to understand the vital role it played during Britain’s Cold War.

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