Harnham bunker gets youth project lifeline

Harnham Hill Bunker - Image Credit Salisbury JournalThe main entrance to the Harnham bunker. Picture: Alexander Associates/Salisbury Journal

The former communications bunker located known as Harnham bunker has been granted a lifeline thanks to decision by Salisbury Council yesterday.

The bunker was the location of a secure telephone exchange in 1963 and later became the Urban District Control Centre for Salisbury replacing a bunker located under the council offices.

The council decided unanimously to allow The Sound Emporium to use the site as recording studio for local kids despite fierce opposition from local residents.

Locals objected claiming the teenagers would be unruly and loiter around the bunker entrance causing noise however these claims were dismissed by the council and all tests carried about regarding noise fell well within allowed limits and proved residents would not be affected.

The bunker itself is located underground at Harnham Hill and is accessed by a 23 metre long tunnel and sealed by a blast door. It is largely as it was during the cold war period however fixtures have been removed.

There is however likely to be large interior changes to make it a recording studio which may degrade the heritage value of the site.

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  1. justin sanford | Feb 15, 2016 at 7:38 pm | Reply

    its just part of a massive complex,my father got into the complex from the quarry end as a youngster,apparently it had a milk float in it perhaps used for getting about in it.

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