Footage emerges of exploding Russian TU95 Bear

Tupolev-Tu-95 BearTupolev-Tu-95 Bear

Footage has emerged showing the moment one of the Russian Air Forces ageing TU95 nuclear bombers exploded in flames whilst taking off from Ukrainka airfield in June last year.

The crew reportedly attempted to abort the take off due to an engine fire alarm but the aircaft exploded blowing off the left wing and leaving the aircaft as a fireball hurtling off the runway. 2 crew members were killed.

The Tupolev TU95 (NATO Codename BEAR) was introduced into service in 1956 and still serves as Russia’s primary long range nuclear bomber. The fleet has suffered a series of recent accidents leading to the temporary grounding on the aircraft last year.

The ageing and poorly maintained fleet is due to russia’s poor economy which has happened under Vladimir Putin’s leadership.


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