Flying A Services Seek Greenham Common GAMA Usage Via the Back Door

GAMA Silo at Greenham CommonGAMA Silo at Greenham Common

Following refusals for change of use at the GAMA (GLCM Alert and Maintenance Area) site at the former RAF Greenham Common it has been brought to our attention that Flying A Services Ltd are applying for a certificate of lawfulness based on the fact that they have used all the buildings for storage since 2003.

Empty GAMA SIlo

Empty GAMA SIlo

There are however some problems with this. After inspecting the documents supplied to West Berkshire Council in the form of Statutory Decelerations from a few people quoting “informal” arrangements to store items at GAMA it is clear that this is simply untrue. Whilst Mr Arnold of Flying A Services has clearly managed to get some people who have stored things there over the years to state they have seen things in buildings on their visits (most less than a few times a year)  and that every building is in use.

Another empty SIlo at GAMA

Another empty SIlo at GAMA

The big problem with that is that it is a blatant lie. The author and associates visit GAMA and Greenham Common at least twice a year and have done for over a decade and on most occasions, with the exception of the occasional couple of crates and the odd container in one or two of the silo’s the rest of the site is empty (except the locked buildings which formed the vehicle garages). The security offices for example next to the gates have been empty on every occasion we visited as have been many of the SILO’s, at most, we have seen 2 in use at any one time. In fact, one has to only watch a certain episode of Top Gear to see how empty most of the buildings are, Clarkson and May managed to drive cars around in them!

So why is this important? GAMA is a scheduled monument and is protected as such to prevent damage. In other words, it is in the Public Interest to protect it However, every opportunity Flying A Services Ltd have had to work with historical preservation options they have refused or demanded unreasonable amounts of money from. Flying A Services Ltd have sought to use the complex for vehicle storage and other types of storage without success but if they can use this legal loophole and prove continued use for over 10 years then they will granted the certificate of lawfulness and have Carte Blanche to store items all over the site which could cause irreparable damage to the scheduled structures.

You guessed it, another EMPTY GAMA Building

You guessed it, another EMPTY GAMA Building

The fact they Flying A Services haven’t been able to put forward one single formal agreement regarding storage at the site speaks volumes and shows that this very much a group of friends of David Arnold who are prepared to do him a favour, perhaps in return for some storage!

The case is currently under consideration by West Berkshire Council and representations, or your experiences of an empty GAMA can be sent to Case No 15/01369/CERTE



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2 Comments on "Flying A Services Seek Greenham Common GAMA Usage Via the Back Door"

  1. Tony Forward | Aug 6, 2015 at 3:58 pm | Reply

    I am the ex-chairman of Greenham Parish Council and have lived through the countless applications flying “A” have tried to get without success. Today I went past the site and to my horror they have moved a huge number of containers onto site with large articulated lorries doing the work. They are really taking the piss.


  2. BritainsColdWar | Aug 10, 2015 at 1:54 pm | Reply

    We have made representations to WBC regarding Flying A Services Ltd and their claims of use which has been demonstrated to be a lie on multiple occasions and from multiple sources with images and videos showing the silos and buildings are in fact mainly empty. I also note that GPC have recently submitted a consultation response which also shows the same conclusions.

    The site is surrounded by an SSSI, its a scheduled monument that Flying A Services Ltd seem intent on just destroying what is a massively important piece of Britains Cold War Heritage.

    Not being based near Berkshire sadly we cannot do much more, as much as we wish we could.

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