Fitness App Strava shows Corsham Computer Centre layout

Strava Corsham Computer Centre

Fitness App Strava hit the headlines yesterday due to its latest “heat map” which showed information from top secret bases around the world and now it seems it may have inadvertently disclosed the layout of Britains top-secret Corsham Computer Centre or CCC.

Corsham Computer Centre is the hub for communicating with the Royal Navy’s fleet of nuclear submarines. Officially it processes data in support of the Royal Navy but many believe it is the place where launch codes would be sent from so understandably it’s inner sanctum is a heavily guarded secret.

That is until staff who work there, ranging from IT Administrators through to high ranking Navy staff, accidentally shared the data from their fitness devices.

The Strava heat map shows where people walk, run or do exercise and anyone viewing Corsham Computer Centre on the heat map will clearly see purple traces that don’t correlate to surface paths, in fact, if they were surface traces then they would be walking over the roof of the entrance to CCC!

The data, collected by mobile phones and other devices such as Fitbit, is only likely to come from the upper floor of the complex, which is understood to be across 3 subterranean floors. The site is built into an old bath stone near the former Central Government War Headquarters known as Burlington.

Strava is already under fire for revealing movement across US Bases including the infamous Area 51 in Nevada.

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