Donald Trump wants to spark new Arms Race

Donald Trump

During the Cold War, the Arms Race threatened the world with total destruction as both sides of the Iron Curtain raced to build as the biggest and baddest Nuclear Weapons, and as many as possible.

The Arms Race was stopped by a series of Treaties designed to reduce and limit the number and type of missiles. Many of those treaties remain in force today and have kept nuclear weapons in check.

But alarming rhetoric from Donald Trump recently has suggested that the US President wants to start a new arms race, with America as the top of the pile.

Fresh from declaring that the US is going to pull out of the Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF), Trump has issued a “warning” to Russia and China stating the US is going to build up America’s Nuclear Arsenal until, in his words, people come to their senses.

His stark warning said that the US had “more money than anyone else” that he could use for arms production.

Trump has claimed that Russia had not adhered to the INF treaty and had been developing new intermediate weapons. China has also been building up its Nuclear forces, it was not a signatory to the treaties to reduce nuclear weapons.

A new arms race further pushes the world into a New Cold War, or Cold War 2.0 as relations between the West and Russia & China get even more frosty.

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