Defenceless and Weak – SNP, Plaid Cymru and Green Party’s Plans for Britain

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On May 7th 2015 the UK goes to the polls to vote for its next government and the days of the traditional 2 horse race are long gone. With neither the Conservatives or Labour expected to achieve a majority the likelihood of another coalition is high. It also gives the opportunities for smaller parties to get in on the act. One thing that has raised its head once again as a result is Trident, Britains Nuclear Deterrent System.

Trident II

Trident II Launch

Trident is an old system and needs upgrading and with east/west tensions rising by the day, that has never been more vital, yet The Scottish National Party (SNP), Plaid Cymru and The Green Party want trident abandoned and the UK to no longer have and maintain Nuclear Weapons. So lets see if they have a case…

Trident will cost £100 Billion to renew and upgrade.

Simply wrong, The cost or renewing trident is £34 Billion. The £100 Billion figure banded around by the SNP is based on hearsay, hypothetical situations and long-term maintenance costs.

The Cold War is over, we don’t need nuclear weapons.

Whilst the Cold War as we knew it may be over, the threat of Nuclear War remains as present now as it ever has been. Both the US and the USSR have over 3000 nuclear warheads between them, the UK has around 120, and with recent events in the Ukraine, a new freezing of East West relations is under-way with Putins Russia going head to head with NATO once again. There is also of course the new communist threat of North Korea and China helping to destabilise the global scene.

No-one would ever use Nuclear Weapons so we don’t need them.

The clue is in the name on this one, Trident is the UK’s Nuclear Deterrent. By definition it is a weapon designed to cause so much fear of its use, no-one would dare use it against us. It works around the principle of MAD: Mutually Assured Destruction, which means that if you launch a Nuclear attack against the UK, the UK has the means to launch a retaliatory attack to the same scale and destruction back on you. The system of MAD and Nuclear Deterrents have kept the world a peaceful place since the end of World War II.

The UK should lead the way and renounce the use of Nuclear Weapons.

I don’t think you will find any level head person in the world who wouldn’t want a world free of Nuclear Weapons however the uncomfortable fact is that they exist. One country getting rid of them would simply not encourage others do the same and would not work. The only way to get rid of Nuclear Weapons is by unilateral disarmament talks and treaties that eventually forbid the use of them. However whilst agreements such as though between NATO countries and Russia ‘may’ be possible, it is unlikely rogue states such as North Korea would give up its arms making any treaty pointless. These talks however have succeeded in reducing the number and power of the Nuclear stockpiles around the world.

The last part is the part of the argument that these parties, along with the minor CND spin-offs such as “Scrap Trident Group” don’t seem to grasp. It seems that rather than the UK being in a position of power of the Nuclear stage and taking an initiative to reduce, and remove nuclear weapons alongside other countries, they would prefer us to have no say and hope the other countries don’t use them.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

“The UK would be an impotent player on the Global Stage”

In summary, if the SNP, Plaid Cymru and the Greens got their way, the UK would not only be an impotent player in any global nuclear negotiations, but be in a weaker defensive position, potentially open to aggression from Nuclear states and have no retaliatory response to a nuclear attack if, god forbid, it ever happened.

Coupled with the fact that hundreds of people would lose their jobs and British manufacturers connected to Trident could face bankruptcy then they have a weak, and potentially implosive argument.

Its all to easy for “campaigners” to get wrapped up in the whole Nuclear Weapons Bad! role, but deep down, its hard to believe how even they can’t grasp the real power of these weapons which is the power of negotiation, which for the moment, we still have.

The real danger here is also that Labour has indicated it might get into bed with the SNP, the SNP has stated that it would require labour to cancel trident in order to get its support.

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