Daily Express rolls out laughable nuclear bunker feature

The Daily Express’ “digital travel reporter” Harriett Mallinson has provided much entertainment amongst those with an interest in Britains Cold War today with the release of her feature entitled “World War Three: UK’s nuclear bunkers built in the event of disaster MAPPED“.

The feature purports to be an expose of Britain’s now-defunct Nuclear Bunker network, all of which has been public knowledge for some time. That isn’t the issue though as it seems, despite this all being public knowledge, poor Harriett still just can’t get it right.

How to move a Nuclear Bunker with no one seeing? Ask Carriett!
How to move a Nuclear Bunker with no one seeing? Ask Carriett!

It seems cutting and pasting from the internet is even too much for an Express journalist who lists the Central Government War Headquarters as being in Horsham, Surrey when in fact they are in Corsham, Wiltshire. Close Carriett!

She goes on to discuss Wood Norton, or as it is properly known, Protected Area Wood Norton, which she describes as “a stately home in Evesham, Worcestershire. The Bredon Wing has a 175-foot bunker beneath it.” – The BBC facility there known as “The Bredon Basement” is under the Bredon Wing, but this is completely separate to the Main house.

Another location Ms Mallinson seems to have difficulty with is the Midlands. She “maps” the secretive Anchor telephone exchange which was built to support communications in the post-apocalyptic UK. It clearly would not have worked though as while hundreds of specialist staff would have been heading to the exchange in Birmingham, it was in fact (according to Harriett) in London!

Birmingham? Nah, its in London mate!
Birmingham? Nah, its in London mate!

Some of the other widely known locations she did get right, if you call copying and pasting a couple of lines from Wikipedia right of course and perhaps we are being a bit harsh on poor Carriett (sorry, we just cant let the Burlington thing go!) but this is what happens when so-called mainstream media tries to release a poorly (and thats being generous) clickbait article on a specialist subject.

The Express has form for this though and truth be told, this is simply a very poor rehash of an article the Express put out in 2017, which included “Horsham Computer Centre” amongst its highlights. It seems struggling between Surrey and WIltshire is an ongoing theme with the Daily Mail’s sister paper.

Now, hows the weather looking for next Christmas……

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