Russian Navy Day Missile Launch Goes Wrong

Previously we’ve asked if Russia was over stretching its ageing Air Force. If this video is anything to go by its also over stretching its Navy too! The Russian Frigate was attempting to a show of power with a missile launch during Navy Day celebrations Sevastopol, Ukraine.

BBC Four Screening Atomic Programmes

Over the next 2 days the BBC are showing 3 nuclear related programmes on BBC Four. Britains Nuclear Secrets: Inside Sellafield – 9pm 10th August 2015 Jim Al-Khalili uncovers the story of Sellafield. He encounters some of the most dangerous substances on Earth, reveals the nature of radiation and even attempts to split the atom. BBC iPlayer Race for the worlds first atomic bomb: A thousand days of fear – 10pm 10th August 2015 The personalities behind the creation of the world’s first atomic bomb were as extraordinary, and often as explosive, as the science they were working in. This is the inside-the-barbed-wire story of the men andwomen who worked […]

70 Years on Hiroshima, Nagasaki and the City that was Spared

70 Years ago on the 6th August 1945 the United States (US) dropped the an atomic weapon on the Japanese city of Hiroshima. Just days later on the 9th August 1945 a second was dropped on Nagasaki. These were the first and only Atomic or Nuclear weapons that have ever been used. The bombs caused a combined instant death toll of 150,000 people with thousands more dying in the weeks, months and years following due to radiation sickness. Back in May 1945 when choosing the targets for these weapons the US Target Committee drew up a list of targets based on a specified criteria. They wanted high value mainland targets in […]

Trinity – 70 Years Since The World Entered the Atomic Age

On the 16th July 1945 a bomb exploded in the New Mexico Desert. This however was no ordinary bomb this was “The Gadget” and the result of the top secret Manhattan Project and subsequent Trinity Test. This is was the worlds first Atomic Bomb. The Manhattan Project began in 1942 and was a US led joint project with the UK and Canada to create an atomic bomb. Led by Robert Opponheimer the project brought in the best scientists from around the western world to work one project with one goal. The project actually absorbed the British atomic project known as “Tube Alloys”. The biggest problems faced by the scientists were how to […]

Is Russia Overstretching its Ageing Air Force?

With news today of yet another Russian Air Force accident questions are starting to be asked about whether Russia’s recent escalation of flights and attempts at showing force against the west is putting to much of a strain on an air force that contains largely outdated and ill-maintained equipment. It emerged today that a Tupolev TU-95 “Bear” aircraft had crashed near Khabarovsk and the news brought the tally of air force accidents since the beginning of June to 6! Other aircraft that have crashed are another Tu95, 2 Mig 29’s, 2 Su24’s and  Su34. All have crashed on training flights. All 7 crew members of today’s accident are believed to have […]

Flying A Services Seek Greenham Common GAMA Usage Via the Back Door

Following refusals for change of use at the GAMA (GLCM Alert and Maintenance Area) site at the former RAF Greenham Common it has been brought to our attention that Flying A Services Ltd are applying for a certificate of lawfulness based on the fact that they have used all the buildings for storage since 2003. There are however some problems with this. After inspecting the documents supplied to West Berkshire Council in the form of Statutory Decelerations from a few people quoting “informal” arrangements to store items at GAMA it is clear that this is simply untrue. Whilst Mr Arnold of Flying A Services has clearly managed to get some […]

Protected Area Wood Norton – The BBC’s Cotswolds Bunker

If the balloon went up and a Nuclear War started then the BBC would have broadcast a set script to help you feel at ease that auntie was still broadcasting! That broadcast could have come from many of the Regional Government Headquarters (RGHQ) around the country which each had a BBC Studio. However it could equally have come from the BBC’s very own secret bunker. Wood Norton Hall in Worcestershire was bought by the BBC in 1939 as a place it could relocate to from London in the event of war and it saw use during the Second World War acting as an emergency broadcasting centre. Its use continued however […]

Putin to add 40 new Nuclear ICBM’s to Russian Arsenal

In a very dangerous game aimed at tipping the Nuclear Balance in the Kremlin’s favour a further 40 Nuclear ICBM’s (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile) will be added to the Russia’s already massive stockpile. Mr Putin attended an Arms fair this week and stated that the new ICBM’s would “be able to overcome even the most technically advanced anti-missile defence systems” In light of ever weakening conventional armed forces Russia has steadily increased its Nuclear Arsenal whilst the US and Europe have sought to reduce them creating a dangerous imbalance which goes against the principles of M.A.D (Mutually Assured Destruction) however it should be noted that NATO still holds enough Nuclear Weapons […]

NATO BaltOps 2015 Underway with firm focus on Anti-Submarine Warfare

The annual NATO BaltOps exercise is under-way with the 2015 missions strongly focused on anti-submarine warfare. BaltOps runs from the 5th June to the 20th and features Air, Ground and Naval assets from 14 allied countries and reinforces NATO’s commitment to defend the Baltic Region. BaltOps is lead by the US and this year has seen the basing of 3 B52-H aircraft from Minot AFB at RAF Fairford in the UK. The B52’s have been operating out of Fairford and carrying out mine-laying missions in the Baltic sea. Fairford has also seen rotations of the B2 Stealth Bomber during BaltOps in a clear demonstration of the US Air Forces Global Strike capability. According to […]

UK to host US Nuclear Missiles in face of Russian Agression

Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond has said that the UK could host US Medium Range Nuclear Missiles for the first time since the INF (Intermediate Nuclear Forces) Treaty in the 1990’s. Prior to the INF Treaty the UK hosted US BGM Gryphon Ground Launched Cruise Missiles (GLCM’s) at RAF Greenham Common and RAF Molesworth. These Nuclear Cruise Missiles were designed as an immediate response to an Soviet attack on a NATO country and could be attacking Moscow in under 2 hours from launch. Speaking on the Andrew Marr show, Mr Hammond said that Government could look at the placing of US missiles adding “We’ve got to send a clear signal to Russia […]