Greenham Common

Flying A loses another planning attempt to ruin Greenham GAMA site

Flying A Services Ltd has lost another planning application for the GAMA site at Greenham Common and its hardened cruise missile bunkers. The shadowy company run by Monaco resident Phillipe Delis and David Prater had planned to build a new facade on the iconic bunkers effectively destroying the whole look of the site. Previously, Delis & Prater had told West Berkshire Planning officers that the site had been in continued use for over 10 years in an attempt to circumvent planning laws, even getting a Thames Valley Police Officer to testify to that fact, however, thanks to this site and other concerned people who had visited the site over the […]

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Campaign to Save Greenham Tower

As previously reported West Berkshire Council is selling the Control Tower building at the former RAF Greenham Common. The local ward (Greenham Parish Council) wish to save the site as a visitors centre to this historic and beautiful place. As a result the local Lib Dem’s have started a campaign which this blog fully supports and urges you to also. In their own words:- Julian Swift-Hook and Billy Drummond are leading a campaign with  Greenham Parish Council to try to save the Control Tower for the community. West Berkshire Council (who were given the Control Tower by Greenham Common Trust in 1997 along with the rest of the Common) now want to sell it […]