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Now I am become death….

Julius Robert Oppenheimer was a Theoretical Physicist and “Co-Ordinator of Rapid Rupture” at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL).  His main role was to calculate propagation of a fast neutron chain for an Atomic weapon, For that reason he is often referred to as the “Father” of the Atomic Bomb. Born in New York in 1904 Oppenheimer studied at Harvard and later Christ’s College, Cambridge with a paticular interest in Quantum Mechanics, theory of Electrons and Positrons and developed the  Oppenheimer–Phillips process of Nuclear Fusion. In 1941 he was recruited to work on a top-secret crash program to create an Atomic Bomb, The Manhattan Project. Brigadier General Leslie Groves was chosen as Director […]

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Is it really 50 years on?

BBC2 is currently running a season of programmes to mark “The Cold War – 50 Years On” but is it really 50 years on, is the BBC saying the cold war began in 1963? The Cold War in fact is widely accepted to be 1947 to 1991 and came about following the division of Germany (and countries under its control) following World War II between Britain and her allies such as the USA and the Soviet Union. Eastern Europe and East Germany was controlled by the Soviet Union and West Germany by Western Allies. The exception was Berlin which despite being in East Germany, was sub-divided into 4 quarters, Soviet, […]

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