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Now I am become death….

Julius Robert Oppenheimer was a Theoretical Physicist and “Co-Ordinator of Rapid Rupture” at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL).  His main role was to calculate propagation of a fast neutron chain for an Atomic weapon, For that reason he is often referred to as the “Father” of the Atomic Bomb. Born in New York in 1904 Oppenheimer studied at Harvard and later Christ’s College, Cambridge with a paticular interest in Quantum Mechanics, theory of Electrons and Positrons and developed the  Oppenheimer–Phillips process of Nuclear Fusion. In 1941 he was recruited to work on a top-secret crash program to create an Atomic Bomb, The Manhattan Project. Brigadier General Leslie Groves was chosen as Director […]

A New Cold War?

With current tensions in the Middle East, in particular Syria, riding high its raising old tensions between the Cold War Superpowers and creating a freezing of East West relations. Here we look at possible scenarios that could bring about a recurrence of Cold War Tensions. The current situation in Syria and the Assad regime’s use of Chemical Weapons on its own people crossed a very firm line set out by Barack Obama and the US Government and drew condemnation from Britain, France and other NATO countries. It’s been made very clear that the US, UK and France will act whether with or without a UN mandate. The problem that they […]

Greenham Tower Update

In am email list update, Greenham Cllr Julian Swift-Hook stated that the campaign to save Greenham Control Tower was progressing well with over 750 signatures now on the petition. Swift-Hook’s vision is firmly set on saving the tower for public use as a visitors centre to Greenham Common with facilities such as a Cafe, toilets, a military history exhibition, a natural environment exhibition and a Farm shop selling local produce. The whole idea is a well thought out and fitting plan for this unique site and other places such as North Weald have shown it to be a popular use of the former USAF sites. You can sign the petition […]

Campaign to Save Greenham Tower

As previously reported West Berkshire Council is selling the Control Tower building at the former RAF Greenham Common. The local ward (Greenham Parish Council) wish to save the site as a visitors centre to this historic and beautiful place. As a result the local Lib Dem’s have started a campaign which this blog fully supports and urges you to also. In their own words:- Julian Swift-Hook and Billy Drummond are leading a campaign with  Greenham Parish Council to try to save the Control Tower for the community. West Berkshire Council (who were given the Control Tower by Greenham Common Trust in 1997 along with the rest of the Common) now want to sell it […]

Tocsin Bang – The ROC

The Royal Observer Corps was the UK’s prime resource for detecting and reporting on Nuclear Attacks on the UK. Its network of observation posts and regional headquarters formed the backbone of the UK Warning and Monitoring Organisation. Initially formed in 1925 the ROC’s initial job was to spot enemy air attacks and during World War II it complemented the Chain Holme radar system and as a result it played a major part in the Battle of Britain. Breifly stood down in 1945 following the end of the war it was re-activated in 1947 and adapted to take on its Cold War role. The UKWMO was formed 1957 and it was […]

V Force Preserved on Twitter

Users of the social media site Twitter and lovers of Cold War Jets, in particular Britains V Force Bombers – The Vulcan, Victor and Valiant may like to take a visit to the Twitter V Force. The group is made of people dedicated to the preservation and memory of these iconic cold war aircraft. One of its aims is to raise awareness of the active preservation in the UK of certain aircraft such as the Vulcan to the Sky trust which got Vulcan XH558 back to flying condition and displayed it an Air Shows across the world. They can be found on Twitter using the hashtag #TwitterVForce or contact @ROD558 […]

Control Tower Safe

The Control Tower at the former RAF Greenham Common has been granted Listed Status protecting it from demolition or redevelopment. The future ownership however isn’t so safe. West Berkshire Council has officially announced plans to sell the building and under a local right to bid scheme Greenham Parish Council has until April 16th to exercise its purchase option. The Parish has expressed an interest in the site with a view to turning into a visitors centre, something that has been sadly lacking at Greenham Common along with a museum about the history of the base. Built in the 1950’s the control tower is one of the few remaining buildings that […]

5 Minutes to Midnight

The doomsday clock is a symbolic clock face managed by the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists. Initially started in 1947 it was until recently a direct reflection of the threat of Global Nuclear Conflict however more recently it has taken into account the threat of regional nuclear conflict and climate change. It started in 1947 at 11:53pm or 7 minutes to midnight, with midnight being “all out war”. Over the next few decades it got closer and further away as global tensions changed. Its closest time being 11:58pm or 2 minutes to midnight in 1958 when the US & USSR tested thermonuclear devices within 9 months of each other. It reached […]

We want your story…

If you were involved with any of the following then we would love to hear your story.Watch Boost (2016) Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download The Royal Observer Corps UK WMO 501st Tactical Missile Wing 303d Tactical Missile Wing Peace Campaigner at Greenham Camps Or if you worked or were stationed at anu of the UK’s RGHQs or CGWHQ. Please drop us a line at cloudsurferuk [AT]