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Do you know what this is?

Crane Support, a photo by Cloudsurfer_UK on Flickr. No its not a quiz, we are actually intrigued. This structure is one of 3 that obviously formed some kind of loading/unloading depot but beyond that we haven’t got a clue. Its located just east of Greenham Common near a place called Waterside Copse. (Google Maps If you have any info on this site please drop us a line.

Little Sodbury ROC Post

The entrance and main shaft of the Royal Observer Corps Post at Little Sodbury near Bristol. This one of the few posts still in relatively good condition despite being striped of almost its contents. It is worth noting that this post is on private land and any visit should be with the permission of the farmer.

V Force Preserved on Twitter

Users of the social media site Twitter and lovers of Cold War Jets, in particular Britains V Force Bombers – The Vulcan, Victor and Valiant may like to take a visit to the Twitter V Force. The group is made of people dedicated to the preservation and memory of these iconic cold war aircraft. One of its aims is to raise awareness of the active preservation in the UK of certain aircraft such as the Vulcan to the Sky trust which got Vulcan XH558 back to flying condition and displayed it an Air Shows across the world. They can be found on Twitter using the hashtag #TwitterVForce or contact @ROD558 […]

Control Tower Safe

The Control Tower at the former RAF Greenham Common has been granted Listed Status protecting it from demolition or redevelopment. The future ownership however isn’t so safe. West Berkshire Council has officially announced plans to sell the building and under a local right to bid scheme Greenham Parish Council has until April 16th to exercise its purchase option. The Parish has expressed an interest in the site with a view to turning into a visitors centre, something that has been sadly lacking at Greenham Common along with a museum about the history of the base. Built in the 1950’s the control tower is one of the few remaining buildings that […]

5 Minutes to Midnight

The doomsday clock is a symbolic clock face managed by the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists. Initially started in 1947 it was until recently a direct reflection of the threat of Global Nuclear Conflict however more recently it has taken into account the threat of regional nuclear conflict and climate change. It started in 1947 at 11:53pm or 7 minutes to midnight, with midnight being “all out war”. Over the next few decades it got closer and further away as global tensions changed. Its closest time being 11:58pm or 2 minutes to midnight in 1958 when the US & USSR tested thermonuclear devices within 9 months of each other. It reached […]

Silo’s for sale

The former GLCM Alert and Maintenance Area (GAMA) at the RAF Greenham Common is currently for sale on the open market by its current owners Flying A services. Flying A purchased the site when the base was closed and have attempted several unsuccesful changes of use for site including Car Storage, Secure Data Storage and even Aircraft Storage however all planning applications were refused and given the site is listed as a scheduled monument it is unlikely any change of use would ever be approved. The schedule listing also preserves the site preventing redevelopement. Interestingly the sales listing compares GAMA to Stonehenge, which has a similair monument status, but it […]

We want your story…

If you were involved with any of the following then we would love to hear your story.Watch Boost (2016) Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download The Royal Observer Corps UK WMO 501st Tactical Missile Wing 303d Tactical Missile Wing Peace Campaigner at Greenham Camps Or if you worked or were stationed at anu of the UK’s RGHQs or CGWHQ. Please drop us a line at cloudsurferuk [AT]

Greenham Common – Britains Front Line

 Laying in the Berkshire countryside just south of Newbury sits an open stretch of common land. Its actually made of two neighboring commons, Cookham and Greenham. Stand however on the random piece of tarmac in the middle of the wildflower haven and you start to notice things. A control tower, random US style fire hydrants and wires sticking.out of the ground, and wait, whats that? Missile silo’s? In 1941 Greenham Common was acquired to build an airfield, the first runway being laid in 1942. It was used by RAF training units initially before being handed over to the US Army Air Force (USAAF) Ninth Air Force. It was used by […]

Farewell to a Cold War Warrior

On the day we started this blog a great warrior of the Cold War was buried in London. Baroness Thatcher (1925-2013) was conservative leader and primeminister of Great Britain from 1979-1990 which is the period many believe to be the most dangerous time of the Cold War. Together with US President Ronald Reagan they had a mutual distrust of communism but worked hard to organise treaties to secure nuclear weapons balance (MAD – Mutually Assured Destruction) and eventually to reduce nuclear arsenals across the superpowers. Thatcher was the first western leader to welcome Soviet Premiere Gorbachev and it was the summits with Gorbachev & Reagan that led to the collapse […]