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Pre-emptive nuclear strikes on the USA by North Korea

Have you finished laughing yet? This actually is the latest rhetoric from dictator Kim Jong-Un. North Korea announced it would carry out pre-emptive  nuclear strikes on the US and South Korea if it goes ahead with the annual War Games. Presumably they are going to borrow some nuclear missiles from somewhere in order to do this as North Korea has been unable to make a nuclear warhead small enough to fit on a missile yet. This kind of sabre rattling from Pyongyang happens every year at about this time and often include claims of nuclear strikes or invasions but it seems the US is safe for as long as Chris […]

North Korea responds to UN Sanctions with Missiles

North Korea has responded to new sanctions by the United Nations (UN) by firing 6 short-range missiles into the sea off the east coast. A South Korean spokesman told the Yonhap news agency the projectiles were fired at about 10:00 local time (01:00 GMT) from Wonsan on the east coast stating “They were either rockets or guided missiles” The firing came shortly after the UN voted unanimously to introduce a raft of new sanctions against North Korea which is led by notorious dictator Kim Jong-Un. The new sanctions which are the toughest ever include: A ban on the export of coal, iron and iron ore used for North Korea’s nuclear […]

Wildlife trust could scuper Greenham Control Tower plans

The project to convert the former Control Tower at RAF Greenham Common may have received planning permission (actually 15 years ago as it turned out) for change of use but a wildlife trust may yet still have the last word. As part of the planning conditions Berks, Bucks and Oxon Wildlife trust (BBOWT) are insisting that Greenham Parish Council (GPC) fund wardens to “protect wildlife” when the centre opens adding a further financial strain on a much-needed project already running late. As it turned out change of use permission had already been given in 2000 which helped West Berkshire Council avoid the embarrassing situation of refusing permission for a project […]

It’s still 3 minutes to midnight

In its warning to world leaders the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists have kept the doomsday clock at 3 minutes to midnight. The clock was wound forward last year stating “The probability of global catastrophe is very high, and the actions needed to reduce the risks of disaster must be taken very soon.” Whilst there has been improvement in some areas “That probability has not been reduced. The Clock ticks. Global danger looms. Wise leaders should act—immediately” The doomsday clock is a figurative clock designed to show in understandable terms how close the world is to disaster. It’s roots are in the cold war and nuclear weapons however in more recent […]

Footage emerges of exploding Russian TU95 Bear

Footage has emerged showing the moment one of the Russian Air Forces ageing TU95 nuclear bombers exploded in flames whilst taking off from Ukrainka airfield in June last year. The crew reportedly attempted to abort the take off due to an engine fire alarm but the aircaft exploded blowing off the left wing and leaving the aircaft as a fireball hurtling off the runway. 2 crew members were killed. The Tupolev TU95 (NATO Codename BEAR) was introduced into service in 1956 and still serves as Russia’s primary long range nuclear bomber. The fleet has suffered a series of recent accidents leading to the temporary grounding on the aircraft last year. […]

Harnham bunker gets youth project lifeline

The former communications bunker located known as Harnham bunker has been granted a lifeline thanks to decision by Salisbury Council yesterday. The bunker was the location of a secure telephone exchange in 1963 and later became the Urban District Control Centre for Salisbury replacing a bunker located under the council offices. The council decided unanimously to allow The Sound Emporium to use the site as recording studio for local kids despite fierce opposition from local residents. Locals objected claiming the teenagers would be unruly and loiter around the bunker entrance causing noise however these claims were dismissed by the council and all tests carried about regarding noise fell well within […]

North Korea claims Hydrogen Bomb test

North Korea has today claimed the first successful test of a thermonuclear device. The announcement was made on State TV this morning. The news came after the US Geological Survey raised suspicions by detecting a magnitude 5.1 earthquake with an epicentre near Punggye-Ri, The site of North Korea’s previous nuclear weapons test. It will be some time however before it can be confirmed as to whether it was a Hydrogen bomb or another Fission device as previously tested by North Korea. We reported recently that North Korea had claimed it had developed a thermonuclear device which was met with scepticism around the world given the quantum leap in technology they […]

Deutschland 83 – What do we think?

Last night marked the beginning of a new series on Channel 4 called Deutschland 83, an 8 episode series set in 1980’s Cold War Germany. It tells the story of Martin Rauch, an East German Border Guard who is forced away from his home and family to act as a spy in West Germany. The story starts with Rauch being drugged by his Stasi agent Auntie, Lenora, after declining to work in West Germany due to his sick mother and family. He wakes up after being spirited away to West Germany to be planted as an aide to General Wolfgang Edel, A West German General who is working with the […]

Strategic Steam Reserve – Fact or Fiction?

For years now a conspiracy theory has been growing in popularity, it’s the theory that the UK created a reserve of Steam Engines during the Cold War known as the Strategic Steam Reserve. But is it just a conspiracy theory? The story goes that as the UK transitioned from older Steam Trains to modern Diesel and Electric Locomotives some bright spark realised that in the event of a Nuclear Attack these trains with their modern electric controls and power units would be useless. So the idea was to store a reserve of these old steam trains just in case. Many places have been mentioned as the location of the Strategic […]

5 UK Places That You Probably Didn’t Know What They Were For…

Everyone knows there is secret places in the UK, as there are in pretty much every other country in the world but some of the sites hide in plain sight. Britain’s Cold War brings you 5 sites from around the UK that you probably didn’t know the real purpose of. 1. Penhale Sands Receiving Station On a seemingly abandoned military camp just north of Holywell Bay in Cornwall stands a large windowless bunker with an array of aerials nearby. This is Penhale Sands Receiving station. Penhale forms part of the Defence High Frequency Communications System or DHFCS which operates strategic British and NATO air and ship to show long-range broadcasting […]