Russia Returns to Cold War Civil Defence Methods

The Kremlin in Russia (Credit: Dion Hinchcliffe/Wikipedia CC)The Kremlin in Russia (Credit: Dion Hinchcliffe/Wikipedia CC)

A senior government official in Russia has called for the return to Civil Defence training for Russian citizens so they know how to respond to a large scale nuclear attack.

Dmitry Rogozin, the deputy prime minister in charge the defence industry, claimed the United States was upsetting the nuclear balance by developing new weapons systems when speaking aftera meeting of Russia’s security council chaired by Vladimir Putin.

Rogozin said: “Measures for countering the aggressor could include those that concern Russia’s strategic nuclear capability, that is reciprocal measures so that, God Forbid, no one gets a crazy idea in their head”

Referring to civil defence Rogzin stated that “so that the population, if nonetheless they were subject to that kind of aggression, could avoid colossal losses. … Civil defence should be recreated

During the Cold War the Soviet Union built a series of municipal bunkers for its citizens along with schoolchildren being taught how to use gas masks. Posters telling people how to respond to an attack were also displayed in public areas and workplaces.

Whilst this practice ceased under Gorbachev’s period of Glasnost, relations between east and west gave recently frosted over especially after Russia’s annexation of part of the Ukraine and over the Syrian conflict.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

Putin has also recently stated that NATO is the single biggest threat to Russia, in particular the planned Missile Shield being put in place in former soviet states by the US.

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