North Korea Has the Hydrogen Bomb

.. or so they claim. But do they really? The highly secretive dictatorship has made false claims before about its military might but with its desire for Nuclear Weapons could it actually be true that North Korea does indeed have the H-Bomb? The claim that the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea [DPRK] (to give it its preferred name) made the claim via its State Media last Thursday seemingly in response to a highly respected UN Human Rights official saying that it is “essential” that the North Korea leadership be referred to the International Criminal Court for human rights offences. But we know they have nuclear weapons, why is everyone so […]

Sub Hunt Underway Near Scotland

The Ministry of defence has confirmed that the RAF are conducting “activity” off the Scottish coast amid multiple reports of a Russian Sub being spotted in the area. Canadian and French martime patrol aircraft from RAF Lossiemouth are assisting the Royal Navy in the hunt as the UK currently has no maritime patrol aircraft of its own after the Nimrod program was scrapped. There has been a recent spike in Russian submarine operations near communications cables prompting fears that there are Russian plans to sever communication cables in a time of crisis. The Submarine is believed to have been spotted north of Scotland.

Russia Reveals Nuclear Torpedo in TV Leak

Russia has inadvertently released details of a giant nuclear torpedo codenamed “Status-6” in a news segment on Russia’s state media channel, Channel One. The channel was covering Vladimir Putin’s meeting with military chiefs when one general was filmed studying a colour diagram on the new weapon. The torpedo is designed to attack strategic coastal sites and according to the document would create “wide areas of radioactive contamination” prompting speculation that this could be a highly radioactive “Cobalt” bomb. The weapon has been built by Rubin, a submarine design bureau in St Petersburg. Putin’s spokesman Dimitry Peskov stated that “It’s true some secret data got into the shot, therefore it was […]

Russia Returns to Cold War Civil Defence Methods

A senior government official in Russia has called for the return to Civil Defence training for Russian citizens so they know how to respond to a large scale nuclear attack. Dmitry Rogozin, the deputy prime minister in charge the defence industry, claimed the United States was upsetting the nuclear balance by developing new weapons systems when speaking aftera meeting of Russia’s security council chaired by Vladimir Putin. Rogozin said: “Measures for countering the aggressor could include those that concern Russia’s strategic nuclear capability, that is reciprocal measures so that, God Forbid, no one gets a crazy idea in their head” Referring to civil defence Rogzin stated that “so that the […]

Watch Boyka: Undisputed IV (2017) Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

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Corsham Bunker Added to At Risk Register

The former secret underground bunker in Corsham, Wiltshire has been placed on the Historic England’s At Risk register as it faces imminent destruction. The site which was the Central Government War Headquarters (CGWHQ) was built in disused stone quarries under an MOD facility in Corsham. It contained a virtual underground city with offices, accommodation, communications and even a pub all of which was designed to be a self-sustaining place of safety for the Central Government in a time of national crisis or nuclear war. The telephone exchange, which is possibly the most well known area of the site, is one part of the complex that has been recorded by Historic […]

Corbyn Wants to Disband NATO and Abolish Trident

Newly elected Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has set out his views on the future defence of Britain clearly with his thoughts on North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), Trident and the Terrorist Threat of Deash and Al Qeada. Speaking prior to the election result he stated that NATO should have been “disbanded when the Berlin Wall fell” and that the UK should unilaterally give up its Nuclear Weapons. NATO is a treaty of nations which aims to promote peace through Unity based on the ethos that if you attack one NATO member, you attack all NATO members. This has been a significant factor in maintaining global peace since the end of […]

RAF Escort Blackjack Nuclear Bombers Away from UK Coast

The Royal Air Force (RAF) was called upon to carry out a Quick Reaction Alert (QRA) scramble to intercept 2 Russian Air Force TU-160M “Blackjack” aircraft on Thursday 10th September the UK Goverment haas revealed. The QRA consisted of 2 RAF Eurofighter aircraft from RAF Lossiemouth backed up with Air to Air refuelling from an RAF Voyager aircraft from Brize Norton. The aircraft were intercepted and viusually identified flying in international air space but close to the UK coast. They were escorted by the Typhoons until they were clear of the UK. The Tupolev TU-160M Backjack is Russia’s premier long range nuclear bomber which has recently been put back into […]

South Korea Evacuates Area of Border After North Korea Attack

South Korea has evacuated residents from area of its western border with North Korea following an artillery attack from the North. The unprovoked attack which was aimed at Yeoncheon, a town north-west of Seoul happened at around 4pm local time (7am GMT) and is believed to have been targeting a loudspeaker used by the South for anti-Pyongyang messages. South Korea responded with a battery of 155mm Shells aimed at the point where the attack was believed to have originated from north of the border. No claims of injury or damage have been made by either side. North Korea and South Korea are still technically at war as the Korean War, […]

Russian Navy Day Missile Launch Goes Wrong

Previously we’ve asked if Russia was over stretching its ageing Air Force. If this video is anything to go by its also over stretching its Navy too! The Russian Frigate was attempting to a show of power with a missile launch during Navy Day celebrations Sevastopol, Ukraine.