NATO is Staring Down the Bear as Cold War II Heats Up

If you’re still in any doubt about the validity of Cold War II then recent rising tensions between NATO and Russia should dispel that. Its becoming accepted that Ukraine is now effectively the front line of this new freeze in east west relations with Russia arming rebel soldiers outside of their borders and send men and tanks to fight the Ukrainian Army.

Whilst Angela Merkel and François Holland hold pseudo peace talks with Vladimir Putin the Kremlin has continued its party rhetoric of subterfuge and denial.

The situation in Ukraine is about Russia wanting to control its borders and not wishing to have NATO any further on its own doorstep and effectively enclosing Russia despite countries such as Ukraine being free to choose their alliance, and in fact, the recent changes in power brought about by a popular peoples uprising showed that Ukraine clearly wanted to deal with western nations rather than pressured by Russia.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

This is the reason why Putin and the Kremlin have chosen to arm the rebels in eastern Ukraine with weapons, tanks and, as we saw with the shooting down of MH17 with Russian Surface to Air Buk missiles. Russia of course has tried, often with bizarre efforts to deny its involvement. In addition it has repeatedly proven that Russian troops are operating inside Ukraine with even the Kremlin now admitting this but referring to them as “volunteers”.

Whilst the European leaders are still trying to negotiate a deal to end the bloodshed, The US has now stated it is considering arming the Ukrainian Armed Forces to negate the advantage given to the Rebels by Russia. However doing so will certainly open the way for Russia to more openly arm the rebels and send more troops into the Ukraine forcing NATO and the East to be drawn into potentially deeper, more damaging conflict and a de facto state of war existing between Russia and the USA, and by proxy, NATO.

Whilst many in the UK are calling for Trident, its Nuclear deterrent, to be scrapped Russia has increased its spending on Nuclear Weapons by 33% (despite being in the grip of severe financial trouble caused by falling oil prices and sanctions) and has the largest arsenal in the world. A move which is in line with its aggressive attitude to world politics with echo’s of the cold war. In fact there are many parallels with the first Cold War that can be drawn with Russia’s current actions including the denial and lies about their involvement in Ukraine which has overtones of “we have no missiles on Cuba” and of course, Putin’s seemingly unshakeable grip on power where he changes the rules to suit his reign are the epitome of soviet Politburo ethics.

The situation in Ukraine is far far more dangerous than people realise, it is effectively a new post-war Berlin with East and West about to clash at the divide. It has the potential to develop into, as François Holland put it, “Total War”.

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