Corbyn Wants to Disband NATO and Abolish Trident

Jeremy Corbyn at CND RallyJeremy Corbyn at CND Rally

Newly elected Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has set out his views on the future defence of Britain clearly with his thoughts on North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), Trident and the Terrorist Threat of Deash and Al Qeada.

Speaking prior to the election result he stated that NATO should have been “disbanded when the Berlin Wall fell” and that the UK should unilaterally give up its Nuclear Weapons.

NATO is a treaty of nations which aims to promote peace through Unity based on the ethos that if you attack one NATO member, you attack all NATO members. This has been a significant factor in maintaining global peace since the end of World War II. So why would he want such an organisation disbanded and return us to a global free-for-all situation?

As for unilateral disarmament of Nuclear Weapons then I dont think you will find a sane rational person in the world who wouldnt support that however there are a few problems with that:

  • Nuclear Weapons already exist. You cant turn back the clock and uninvent them.
  • Unilateral disarmament will only work if ALL nuclear states give up their weapons in unison including North Korea, China, India, Pakistan and Israel!
  • Nuclear Weapons have been a massive deterrent against aggressive nations and have contributed hugely to maintaining global peace since the end of World War II.

To put it another way, Any nation that gets the world to give up nuclear weapons would be a hero. Any nation that gives up nuclear weapons in the hope others will follow is a defenceless fool. (See Defenceless and Weak)

Corbyn is a hardcore socialist who has openly supported campaigns such as CND and attended mutliple “ban the bomb” rallies so this should come as no suprise. The big surprise comes in the fact that he was elected to be leader of the UK Labour Party on the backing of £3 socialists who joined labour purely to get him elected and will never be heard of again.

In addition to his views on Nuclear Weapons and NATO he also states we, and other countries, should not be fighting Deash and Al Qeada in countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and the Yemen which would allow these terrorist groups to foster and gain power in the regions.

His views are also unlikely to win him any friends in America, the UK’s biggest allies. who have worked closely with the UK on the international fight against terrorism and NATO defense against increasing Russian aggression.

Although he has a clear mandate to be Labour Leader even his deputy Tom Watson has openly disagreed with him on NATO and Trident despite the pair being in charge less than 24 hours and 7 members of the Shadow Cabinet have resigned their positions with many suggesting he will be in his position less than 12 months. A clear message is likely to be sent on votes like extending bombing to Syria which could see the majority of Labour MP’s voting against their leader and with the Government effectively undermining Corbyn’s socialist rebranding on the party.

On a footnote, Jeremy Corbyn has also stated on record that he believes the Falkland Islands should be ruled jointly with Argentina effectively surrendering the islands that many British personnel gave their lives protecting and also directly against the wishes of the Falkland Islanders themselves who recently voted to maintain their sovereignty and right to self-determination.

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