Cold War II Thermometer

The cold War II Thermometer is a visual indicator of the current status of East-West Tensions and other factors affecting World Peace such as non-global conflicts, climate change and extra-terrestrial events (no, not aliens!)

Scale: 0 = Peace to -10 = Global War or Major Extinction Event


Current Influencing Factors (Updated 15/06/2017)

Current Temperature -8c

  1. Donald Trump as Incumbent President of the USA
  2. Bulletin of Atomic Scientists move doomsday clock closer to midnight
  3. Deteriorating tensions between NATO and Russia including Russia’s policy change that states NATO as biggest threat to Russia and determined to wipe Russia from the map.
  4. Increase in South Korean and North Korean tension
  5. Syrian Crisis and Daesh Militant Actions
  6. Global Terrorism Threat Level

Previous Temperature -6c