A close encounter of the Star Wars kind

On a recent location exploration BCW revisited RAF Greenham Common. The sole mission for the day was to get an update on the Ground Launched Cruise Missile Maintenance Area or GAMA. Most people know GAMA as the missile silos located in fenced off south west corner of RAF Greenham Common.

Since our last visit it still hasn’t found a full time use and the owners still refuse to to entertain any idea of preserving it for the Public, presumably as it wouldn’t produce them a profit despite GAMA being a scheduled monument. However on visiting it was apparent that some of the doors had been repaired. This in itself was intriguing.

Inside QRA Silo

Inside QRA Silo

Anyway, it was good to have another good look around the GAMA silos and it was interesting to note that the Quick Reaction Alert (QRA) silo has had its underground area sealed up. (The QRA silo was the only one built with underground crew quarters) so sadly it wasn’t possible to go down and see that area this time.

Half-built Millennium Falcon at GAMA

Half-built Millennium Falcon at GAMA

Having heard rumours about Flying A Services (the owners) storing old aircraft there in boxes we were not surprised to find creates and containers stored in the silos and didn’t give it a second thought until a few weeks later a photo appeared in a paper of an aerial shot of GAMA with the Millennium Falcon sitting proudly outside of the QRA silo! As it turns out GAMA is the new Rebel Base in the New Star Wars film. So as it turned out those creates were full probably full of Star Wars props including a X-Wing fighters and the like. However one rule of our site visits is that we leave only footprints and take only photos. We definitely would also never damage anything so opening and peeking in crates is a big no no.

Star Wars aside, it’s always nice to have a nose around Greenham Common as it still is one of the most iconic reminders of the cold war in Britain and hopefully, one day, the owners will bend to some goodwill and allow the public to live the history of some of the cold wars darkest days. (ED. I feel a campaign coming on!)

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