North Korea responds to UN Sanctions with Missiles

North Korea has responded to new sanctions by the United Nations (UN) by firing 6 short-range missiles into the sea off the east coast. A South Korean spokesman told the Yonhap news agency the projectiles were fired at about 10:00 local time (01:00 GMT) from Wonsan on the east coast stating “They were either rockets or guided missiles” The firing came shortly after the UN voted unanimously to introduce a raft of new sanctions against North Korea which is led by notorious dictator Kim Jong-Un. The new sanctions which are the toughest ever include: A ban on the export of coal, iron and iron ore used for North Korea’s nuclear […]

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UK to host US Nuclear Missiles in face of Russian Agression

Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond has said that the UK could host US Medium Range Nuclear Missiles for the first time since the INF (Intermediate Nuclear Forces) Treaty in the 1990’s. Prior to the INF Treaty the UK hosted US BGM Gryphon Ground Launched Cruise Missiles (GLCM’s) at RAF Greenham Common and RAF Molesworth. These Nuclear Cruise Missiles were designed as an immediate response to an Soviet attack on a NATO country and could be attacking Moscow in under 2 hours from launch. Speaking on the Andrew Marr show, Mr Hammond said that Government could look at the placing of US missiles adding “We’ve got to send a clear signal to Russia […]