If Nuclear War broke out, how would you be notified today?

During the cold war a series of sirens at strategic locations around the UK would alert people that an attack was coming, later this was combined with broadcast messages including the infamous “Attack Warning Red – seek immediate shelter!” message. But know, with hundreds of TV channels and radio stations and the sirens gone, how would you be alerted today? It was a question we pondered so we asked the Government. In the event of a Nuclear Attack, the Cabinet Office told us that the plan would be to alert members of the public using “social and broadcast media” and telling them to “take shelter indoors with windows and doors […]

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NATO BaltOps 2015 Underway with firm focus on Anti-Submarine Warfare

The annual NATO BaltOps exercise is under-way with the 2015 missions strongly focused on anti-submarine warfare. BaltOps runs from the 5th June to the 20th and features Air, Ground and Naval assets from 14 allied countries and reinforces NATO’s commitment to defend the Baltic Region. BaltOps is lead by the US and this year has seen the basing of 3 B52-H aircraft from Minot AFB at RAF Fairford in the UK. The B52’s have been operating out of Fairford and carrying out mine-laying missions in the Baltic sea. Fairford has also seen rotations of the B2 Stealth Bomber during BaltOps in a clear demonstration of the US Air Forces Global Strike capability. According to […]