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Now I am become death….

Julius Robert Oppenheimer was a Theoretical Physicist and “Co-Ordinator of Rapid Rupture” at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL).  His main role was to calculate propagation of a fast neutron chain for an Atomic weapon, For that reason he is often referred to as the “Father” of the Atomic Bomb. Born in New York in 1904 Oppenheimer studied at Harvard and later Christ’s College, Cambridge with a paticular interest in Quantum Mechanics, theory of Electrons and Positrons and developed the  Oppenheimer–Phillips process of Nuclear Fusion. In 1941 he was recruited to work on a top-secret crash program to create an Atomic Bomb, The Manhattan Project. Brigadier General Leslie Groves was chosen as Director […]

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Silo’s for sale

The former GLCM Alert and Maintenance Area (GAMA) at the RAF Greenham Common is currently for sale on the open market by its current owners Flying A services. Flying A purchased the site when the base was closed and have attempted several unsuccesful changes of use for site including Car Storage, Secure Data Storage and even Aircraft Storage however all planning applications were refused and given the site is listed as a scheduled monument it is unlikely any change of use would ever be approved. The schedule listing also preserves the site preventing redevelopement. Interestingly the sales listing compares GAMA to Stonehenge, which has a similair monument status, but it […]

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