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Daily Express rolls out laughable nuclear bunker feature

The Daily Express’ “digital travel reporter” Harriett Mallinson has provided much entertainment amongst those with an interest in Britains Cold War today with the release of her feature entitled “World War Three: UK’s nuclear bunkers built in the event of disaster MAPPED“. The feature purports to be an expose of Britain’s now-defunct Nuclear Bunker network, all of which has been public knowledge for some time. That isn’t the issue though as it seems, despite this all being public knowledge, poor Harriett still just can’t get it right. How to move a Nuclear Bunker with no one seeing? Ask Carriett! It seems cutting and pasting from the internet is even too […]

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Has North Korea just become Trumps Cuban Missile Crisis?

The rhetoric in what has become known as the North Korea Crisis has just been upped with US President Donald Trump declaring that he will unleash “fire and fury the like of which the world has never seen”. This escalation of words came as it emerged, according to US intelligence, that North Korea has achieved its aim of making a nuclear warhead small enough to mount on its ballistic missiles. It is beyond doubt that Kim Jong-Un, like his father Kim Jong-Il, has pushed for nuclear ability and has perhaps caught many off-guard with the speed of its development. It’s hardly surprising though. North Korea’s “enemy” America has a habit of […]