Cold War II

Two minutes to midnight

There is no doubt that current relations between East and West are the most strained they have been since the Cold War and this has been reflected by the Doomsday clock which has now been set at two minutes to midnight, the closest it has ever been to zero-hour. The symbolic clock, which is managed by the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, was wound forward due to several factors including the threat of Nuclear war and ineffective response to climate change. Speaking about the Nuclear Weapons Threat The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists said “The risk that nuclear weapons may be used—intentionally or because of miscalculation—grew last year around the globe.” North […]

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Russia claims it’s built shelters for 12m people!

With East-West relations at an all time low  Russia’s Defense Ministry TV channel Zvezda has claimed that the Russian Government has built shelters capable of helping 12m Muscovites survive the imminent Nuclear attack from the USA. Officials on the channel claimed on Friday that the shelters had been built and are ready to be used. The news comes as America withdraws from talks with Russia as Russian warplanes continue their bombardment of Aleppo in Syria despite the UN is trying to broker a ceasefire. The TV Channel claims that “schizophrenics from America are sharpening nuclear weapons for Moscow.” evidenced, they say, by the fact that America is modernizing is strategic […]